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Luckin Coffee once created a coffee myth in the Chinese investment community. In early 2020, Luckin Coffee officially embarked on its international expansion. As a Product Design Freelancer, I joined this project, providing design consultation, UI Refinement, and implementation for the international version of their app, playing a crucial role in its success.


Freelance UX Designer
Product Strategy, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & Testing, Pitching


Product Position

Luckin Coffee is a typical representative company of new retail coffee in China, aims to becoming the leading high quality coffee brand and specialized coffee services provider. Luckin Coffee works hard in bringing new and better coffee experience to the customers, promoting coffee culture and development in China.

In 2020, Luckin will become the smart retail platform that best understands how young people live in China, and through improved business efficiency, effective reach and accurate product selection, it will become a high-viscosity platform for young people to eat, drink and play.

Luckin is expected to launch an overseas brand in 2020, and existing apps need to be restructured to support business expansion while ensuring a smooth user experience.

Group 230.png

APP Critique

From the perspective of product optimisation and based on actual user experience, we propose the following improvements

image 1268.png

Overseas users tend to prefer a cleaner home page that does not require the use of large promotional ads. 

image 1269.png

The voucher purchase process is unique and does not come into play in the coffee purchase process

image 1270.png
Luckin Pop

The coffee app does not need to provide the user with a channel to purchase electronic products, which can cause confusion to the user

image 1271.png

The shopping cart distinguishes between food and coffee shopping lists, which in our opinion is unnecessary


Thinking Hat🤔

- What is the future positioning of Home in the international version?
- How to make good use of the traffic on the home page without affecting the user experience in the main usage scenarios?

Current issues

1. Banner
- Banner interactions different, some are clickable and some are not
- The scan button on the banner can easily be touched by mistake

2. The core function area
- What is the current click-through rate of each of the 6 sections of the main action ribbon?
- How are these 6 functions currently prioritised?
- How many clicks are there on this area to go to the menu, and how many clicks are there directly from the Tab to the menu?
- The Coffee Wallet does not show the number of vouchers the users currently have.

image 1265.png


Thinking Hat🤔

- The international version of design system are not exactly the same as those in China, so they are more suited to foreign habits and facilitate English expansion.

Current issues

1. Banner
The top Banner has a CTA button, but it is not clickable

2. The core function area
The status of 'Pick up' and 'Delivery' is not clear
Customisation options should be more detailed for different restaurant groups
Promo often appears alone, not during the product shopping process
Product customisation options are generally listed in the table below

3. Tone of Voice
No uniform tone of voice

image 1272.png

On this basis, we have come to the following conclusions

Frame 1659.png

Attitude towards coffee products, and coffee files

In response to the distinctive foreign attitude towards coffee drinking, the product can be focused on Coffee single product lines, roasting methods, milk, fair trade certificated

Frame 1660.png

Coffee Consumption Scenario, and Usage Process

Due to the multilingual environment, the international version of the app ui mostly uses a list format instead of chips, to facilitate the expansion of English

Frame 1661.png

The difference in digital experience

The app process is mostly a single line, with no support for the process, and the marketing approach is much more simple. Users like to focus one thing on one page.

Narrow the scope and use a single-line shopping process

Group 8082.png

It is more common to have a first level menu at the top and a lower level to display the product, with the menu screen clicked on to enter the product details screen.

1. the first page scrolls up to enter the menu and the current shop will be topped
2. the top section allows users to go back and re-select the restaurant
3. the menu section allows you to quickly enter the ordering process


Group 8083.png

The United States has a relatively strong emphasis on food attitudes, so many apps have some exposure to food selection concepts.

1.Showcasing how the coffee is roasted more than the award
2. The product is Fairtrade compliant
3. Display of calorie information
4. Plant milk or decaffeinated options

Semantic distinction between Coupon and Voucher, separating voucher purchases from the coffee buying process

Group 8084.png
Frame 1659.png


The brand-compliant interface embraces a light and airy aesthetic, featuring soft pastel tones and a subtle blue gradient to guide the user's attention. With rounded corners, delicate lines, and a focus on minimalism, the design creates a lightweight and elegant feel. Whitespace and subtle divisions enhance the composition, while the introduction of the Bebas Neue font adds a bold touch.



Our homepage banner now features a clear and concise message: "2 Pending Pikcups ☕️!" With this simple prompt, we remind users to come to our store to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee. It's never been easier to satisfy your coffee cravings – just head to our store and indulge in a delightful coffee experience.

Frame 1.png


We have perfected the ordering experience to be the epitome of simplicity. With just a few clicks, customers can effortlessly place their coffee orders without any hassle or unnecessary steps.

Frame 4.png


Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for cash or cards – simply access your wallet to complete your order with ease. It's a secure and efficient way to pay for your coffee, making your overall experience even more convenient and hassle-free.

Frame 5.png


We refine the workflow to be as effortless as possible. Our aim is to simplify every step, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Through thoughtful design and streamlined processes, we eliminate complexities and reduce friction, allowing users to navigate our platform effortlessly.

Frame 3.png

Try Our App

Discover the taste of perfection with Luckin Coffee. From smooth lattes to refreshing iced coffees, every sip is a moment of pure indulgence.

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