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Sales-Management Tool for Content Marketing


In 2019, Tencent, a leading company in China's social media industry, ventured into the SaaS field. As part of this initiative, the Smartsell project (now known as QiDian Marketing) was launched internally. Despite the project's short timeline, limited team members, and tight schedules, I joined as the only UX designer, playing a vital role in shaping its MVP version.


UX designer, Marketer
Product Strategy, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & Testing, Information Architecture, Marketing, Pitching, Events



Today, the demographic dividend is over, and the dominance of the traffic market has shifted from social products to content products.
In China, content channels such as Tiktok, Bilibili, RED, and WeChat Official Accounts are growing rapidly. People no longer blindly pursue increments, but focus on stock operations. This provides merchants with the ability to refine traffic acquisition and operation. Therefore, the concept of refined operation and private domain traffic came into being, and it has become the most popular means of increasing sales.

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Service Blueprints

Service Blueprints provide a visual representation of the end-to-end customer experience, helping organizations understand and improve their service delivery processes.

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User Journey

Official Accounts and Apps Mainly to obtain communication data, customer behavior data, customer tags
WeChat groups and personal accounts are mainly for potential customer training, using the herd effect and personalization to promote each other into orders. But it may cause data breakage.

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Core Function

Create content: background style, content and visibility, testimonials, related products, related articles, corporate information, sales tags, voice/picture/video multimedia display

Share content: share with friends (mini program), share with friends (poster)

Received content: WeChat messages/moments articles (mini program thumbnails, poster content, business cards in articles, business cards in products)

View content: Click on the message/long press to identify the QR code, open the App to view the content details, business card folder, switch multiple business cards to view

Sharing content: Sharing of small programs, sharing of business card posters, personal recommendation: "Recommends B for you"

Attract Leads
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Design Concept

Lead the prospect customers to talk with sales


Let sales know more about customers


Help Sales Create Articles Faster

Visual KSP

For additional information, please visit our official website and request a demonstration.

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